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Ecopetrol Case

Successful Shareholders Meeting: Ecopetrol

Supported by our software modernization technologies INK™ and PEN™, the system that supports Ecopetrol’s ($21B Market Cap) Annual Shareholders´ Meeting, which operates online from three redundant data centers (USA, Brazil, Colombia), was successfully migrated and modernized in just 6 weeks.

The Need: Global Fortune 500 energy company Ecopetrol ($21B Market Cap), required full technological support for their 2023 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. With such high stakes, nothing could go wrong.

The Task: To migrate and modernize to the latest operational and cybersecurity standards the legacy Shareholders Management application in preparation for the 2023 AGM.

The Result: In 6 weeks, the legacy system that was developed in Oracle Forms was migrated and tested to support the assembly. The modernized application runs in the Oracle cloud, on a services architecture using Angular as a front-end and a middle layer in NodeJs, which through Json, consumes the procedures and functions of the database. The application runs in an online replication/redundancy model on three parallel environments running in the data centers of Oracle in Ashburn (USA) and Sao Pablo (Brazil), and in a private cloud in Colombia.

The modernized system supports up to 10 million simultaneous votes, automatically scaling up based on the traffic demand. This is possible by the use of Kubernetes.

The entire process which was part of the digital modernization strategy of the company, took less than a third of the estimated time that it would have taken with a standard procedure, saving the organization a significant amount of resources, and successfully managing all potential reputational risks to the brand.

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