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Allianz Case

Cloud Deployment: Allianz

All journeys are different. Insurance giant Allianz took a different approach to their modernization journey. As their first step they decided to move to the Oracle Cloud their business-critical and on-premise treasury management software, thus improving performance, reliability and cost.

The Need: As an essential component of Allianz’ IT modernization strategy, the company required vendors of critical applications to enable their solutions in the cloud, to maximize efficiencies in cost and delivery time and to release its internal resources from the bothersome task of maintaining the physical infrastructure from which the on-premise applications were managed.

The Task: A seamless transition from an on-premise environment to a cloud environment was done in a few weeks. We worked alongside our long-time partner Oracle to define and provide the best solution for Allianz through the services of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
All migration and testing protocols were performed without incident, being able to turn off the on-premise operation on a Friday night and turning on the Cloud operation the following Monday.

The Result: Taking advantage of the comprehensive suite of services available in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the application’s performance was improved by 25% and its reliability was enhanced by using two parallel Clouds in USA and Brazil. It is important to highlight the significant savings in future Total Cost of Ownership, brought about by the efficiency gained whenever new functionalities need to be implemented in the software. While before the migration each new project would take 4 to 6 weeks to complete, now it
can be performed in a matter of hours.

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